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That is right Enjoy London Escorts is always looking to employ some of the best London escorts so do you think you have what it takes to work for us. If you have no idea what we look for in escort then continue to read on but if you already think you have what it takes then head to our contact page and get in touch with us now.

First thing we look for is someone who is extremely reliable and ready to work from 6pm – 6am. This means that you are ready to work whenever we call you now we understand that sometimes you will not be able to work due to certain things and that is fine as we do not expect for you to work every night. What we mean is you can work multiple days a week and not just once or twice a month. So if you can fulfil this then you have already met our first requirement.

Confident and attractive escorts are a must for any escort agency so if you think you meet this then defiantly consider working with us. If you are not sure about this then if the following things apply to you then you are defiantly ready to work with us. First off, you are confident to show off your body to the world. We do not want to employ someone who is afraid to show off the assets they have as you are not going to be a very successful escort if you cannot. Next do you consider yourself to be attractive well if you then you probably and that’s what we look for. All of our escorts have to be what men desire otherwise no one is going to book you.

Finally it is important that you’re legal to work in the UK and be OVER 18 years old. Now these are both imperative and if you do not meet them then we cannot hire you.

Make sure to check out Enjoy London Escorts and if you believe that you would fit in with us then either give us a call on 07424066253 or send us a message through our contact form.